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  • Security: including food & clothing
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  • Entrepreneurship: access to classes, mentors & more.
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The Help Guru can direct you to a wide range of resources

Everyone Deserves A Home


See the nation's top resources on housing including: rapid rehousing, homeownership, rental assistance and more.

Don't Compromise On Confidence


Learn how to dress professionally affordably, maintain your styles on a budget, and where to look to fnd free clothes.

No One Should Ever Go Hungry


Depending on where you're located we can direct you to food banks and programs to access groceries and meals.

Manage Today & Invest In Your Future

Financial Literacy

Get tips and resources on how to manage your finances, grow your income, and tap into financial abundance.

Get Support In Your Journey of Sobriety


Access tele-therapy, support groups, and resources to master your body & mind through rehabilitation.

Be Your Own Boss


Take control of your time & financial livelihood by honing your skills building your own business.

Featured Resources & Organizations

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